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  • Go to the All Events View – This view has all the events submitted to Tribal Calendar.
  • Go to the Month View – In this view, click on a day with an event to see the details.
  • Go to the List View – In this view, all the details display for one given month. Click the arrows to move to the next or previous months.
  • Go to the Google Calendar View – This link opens Google calendar directly. You can add the Tribal Calendar to your Google Calendars: Click the +Google Calendar icon  in the lower right corner of the Google Calendar View.

About the Tribal Calendar

  • This website is designed to provide information on the festivals and major events in the world of Tribal Belly Dance in all countries and on all continents.
  • The information is absolutely non-discriminatory: We publish the information as provided to us by event organizers. (The only edits may be for grammar, punctuation, or length.)
  • All events are equally important to us: Tribal Belly dance can include many different flavors and forms. If you believe that dancers would like to register for or attend your event, send in your event information!
  • Events are published in chronological order and sorted by major continents or regions. The service is free for both event organizers and viewers.
  • We publish descriptions only in English. We will be happy to link to websites in additional languages, but your staff here is only fluent in English.
  • We will not publish events that include descriptions that incite enmity among dancers, competition between troupes, dancers, and organizers, or any other hateful language.
  • The website is a volunteer project, and we do our best to have your information online as fast as possible.