ATS® and Beyond 3.0 (Munich, Germany) July 28-29, 2018

ATS® and Beyond 3.0 (Munich, Germany)

July 28-29, 2018

with Colette Todorov and Jesse Stanbridge

The cooperative partnership of Gabriella and Freddie Kaz will bring our charming Colette Todorov back to Germany! At Colette’s own request, she wants to take another lovely teacher along with her and all that we can promise to you is that this dream-team is gonna create a amazingly fabulous weekend!

Saturday – 28 July 2018
10 AM-12 PM: “Inside out and Upside down” – conducted by Colette
This workshop introduces new Scarlet Thistle Dialect inspired by the powerful and elegant Classic ATS® vocabulary. After reviewing movements and shapes that are dominant in ATS®, we’ll look at the ways they strengthen and support the ATS® aesthetic. The new movements, along with their cues, will be broken down and drilled, and formation options for group improvisation will be discussed.
12-1:30: Lunchbreak with bazaar
1:30-3:30: “Freedom within boundaries” – conducted by Jesse
Get a taste of our innovative, formation-driven ATS® Movement Dialect in this fast-paced and exciting introductory workshop. You’ll learn both slow and fast vocabulary to add musicality and variety to your group improvisation. Basic knowledge of ATS® vocabulary and formations recommended but not required.
4-6: “Formations, Configurations and Patterns” – conducted by Colette
Introducing Scarlet Thistle’s latest formation fun! These exciting and challenging arrangements incorporate multiple fades, circling changes, and bring everyone into the lead. Working with duets, trios, and quartets, these formations are suitable for fast and slow movements, allow the dancers to choose how quickly to switch things up, and cover the stage with beautiful patterns.
– Break –
7-10: HAFLA with bazaar – fun time, chat, eat relax, go shopping…and dance!

Sunday – 29 July 2018
10 AM-12 PM: “Zil to Thrill: Composition & Choreography” – conducted by Colette
Zil training is a compulsory part of every ATS® dancer’s training. The various patterns, sounds, and ways to accompany the dancers are a distinctive part of ATS® performances. Push the limits of your zil playing with this exciting composition, that uses a wide range of patterns and sounds, and pairs with a choreography of ATS® moves. Use this composition to advance your zil skills, for practice and drilling, or as inspiration to develop your own choreography.
12-1:30: Lunchbreak with bazaar
1:30-3:30: “Tips & Tricks for Tasty Trios” – conducted by Jesse
Spice up your trios with some of our signature ATS® Movement Dialect. Learn how to bring musicality and variety to your standard ATS® trio formations with both slow and fast vocabulary, combinations, and concepts. Basic knowledge of ATS® vocabulary and formations is highly recommended.
4-6: “Let’s go Old School with FCBD®” – conducted by Colette
As a sequel from the past years lecture workshop, Colette is gonna introduce us to the forgotten treasures of the good old FCBD® times.
6:30-7:30: “Dancing in Flow®” conducted by Colette and Jesse – All Levels
All dance – No talk! Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a quiet water break every 15 min. This contemplative concept means: No verbal instruction, no formations, no worries! Your brain will finally decide to take a vacation to allow the body to enjoy moving. Bring zils and water. “Flow® is dancing in the divine subconscious” (Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman)

  • Hosted by: Freddie Kaz and Gabriella Keiner –
  • Location: Internationale Tae Kwon Do Sportschule Bernet, Rathausplatz 8, 85748 Garching Bei München, Bayern, Germany
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