ATS® Workshops with Wendy and Sandi in Rome (Rome, Italy) October 13-14, 2018

ATS® Workshops with Wendy and Sandi in Rome (Rome, Italy)

October 13-14, 2018

Hello ATS® dancers! This is going to be a two-days Advanced Workshop led in tandem by FatChanceBellyDance®’s Instructor Emerita Wendy Allen and Instructor Emerita Sandi Ball, two of the very brightest stars in the ATS® Universe. In order to make this experience more affordable and concentrate the fun in a more compact module, this year we will skip the two hours of Fundamentals. This means that, even if this workshop is technically an open level, you are assumed to be well versed already in all the basics of the American Tribal Style®. All instruction will be given in English. Please note that no translation will be provided in order to maximize time.

Saturday 13 of October
12:00 Arrival and Registration
12:30-13:00 Short Warm Up specific for ATS® & Dancing in the Flow® with Erika dell’ Acqua
* The Devil Is in the Details: Teachers’ Choice
* Painting the Music
* Fleur-de-lis
16:00-16:30 – Browse the merchandise, grab a snack, put on a bindi and some flowers and refresh your lipstick, because we’re getting ready to dance all together!
16:30 – ATS® PARTY! We are going to open with a set danced by Wendy, Sandi, and me. Afterward we’ll all dance together! Feel free to discretely exit the Chorus whenever you feel like resting and watching or grab a drink. We’ll conclude this special party with yet another set with our two incredible teachers plus sidekick!

Sunday 14 of October
11:15 Arrival
11:30-12:00 Short Warm Up specific for ATS® & Dancing in the Flow® with Erika dell’ Acqua
* Arm Awareness
* The Devil Is in the Details: Spins & Turns
* Shaken or Stirred?
15:00-15:30 – Browse the merchandise, exchange numbers and email addresses with the new friends you made, or feel free to follow Erika’s Short Cool Down Stretching for ATS®

PRICING: the cost of the whole two days is 165 euro. You can choose to join for one day only. In that case the price will be 90 euro. You can book your spot by paying the whole amount either through PayPal (preferred) or with a Bank transfer. Send an email to: – and we’ll send you the info you need to book your spot, or we’ll put on the waiting list. After you make your payment please send me an email, so I can put you in the Participants list even if our bank has not registered the payment yet. It might take several days especially with international payments, and we don’t want you to lose your priority. PayPal is preferred for these reasons. Please remember to send me a line right after you do the payment.

Please note the following rules: The payment is not refundable. However, in the unfortunate case that you find out at a later date that you can’t come anymore, I will help you to resell your ticket to the next person in the waiting list if possible, or you can opt to pass it on to a dance sister or one of your students, making sure you warn me about it. Selling workshops spots with a price higher then the original is strictly forbidden.

Telephones should be switched off or at least silenced during workshops. No filming of the workshops is allowed, but you can take some photos if you’d like.

As you might already know, in all events I host, places are limited so that we can offer you the best possible quality of teaching. If you are interested in this precious opportunity of studying with Wendy Allen and Sandi Ball don’t wait too long to book if you don’t wish to end up on the waiting list and likely be left out of the event.

Please note that, while being an Open Level, this workshop is NOT for beginners. You must know and have consistently worked on all your basic moves.

You are kindly encouraged to follow this dress code: choli or dance top, a Full Skirt and Pantaloons or hose pants underneath. Please avoid coin belts and any noisy piece of garment. Don’t forget to bring your Zills and a notebook!

Zaghareeds to all of you ATS® lovers, and I hope to see you in the Fall! – Erika