ATS® and Beyond 3.0 (Munich, Germany) July 28-29, 2018

ATS® and Beyond 3.0 (Munich, Germany)

July 28-29, 2018

with Colette Todorov and Jesse Stanbridge

The cooperative partnership of Gabriella and Freddie Kaz will bring our charming Colette Todorov back to Germany! At Colette’s own request, she wants to take another lovely teacher along with her and all that we can promise to you is that this dream-team is gonna create a amazingly fabulous weekend!

Saturday – 28 July 2018
10 AM-12 PM: “Inside out and Upside down” – conducted by Colette
This workshop introduces new Scarlet Thistle Dialect inspired by the powerful and elegant Classic ATS® vocabulary. After reviewing movements and shapes that are dominant in ATS®, we’ll look at the ways they strengthen and support the ATS® aesthetic. The new movements, along with their cues, will be broken down and drilled, and formation options for group improvisation will be discussed.
12-1:30: Lunchbreak with bazaar
1:30-3:30: “Freedom within boundaries” – conducted by Jesse
Get a taste of our innovative, formation-driven ATS® Movement Dialect in this fast-paced and exciting introductory workshop. You’ll learn both slow and fast vocabulary to add musicality and variety to your group improvisation. Basic knowledge of ATS® vocabulary and formations recommended but not required.
4-6: “Formations, Configurations and Patterns” – conducted by Colette
Introducing Scarlet Thistle’s latest formation fun! These exciting and challenging arrangements incorporate multiple fades, circling changes, and bring everyone into the lead. Working with duets, trios, and quartets, these formations are suitable for fast and slow movements, allow the dancers to choose how quickly to switch things up, and cover the stage with beautiful patterns.
– Break –
7-10: HAFLA with bazaar – fun time, chat, eat relax, go shopping…and dance!

Sunday – 29 July 2018
10 AM-12 PM: “Zil to Thrill: Composition & Choreography” – conducted by Colette
Zil training is a compulsory part of every ATS® dancer’s training. The various patterns, sounds, and ways to accompany the dancers are a distinctive part of ATS® performances. Push the limits of your zil playing with this exciting composition, that uses a wide range of patterns and sounds, and pairs with a choreography of ATS® moves. Use this composition to advance your zil skills, for practice and drilling, or as inspiration to develop your own choreography.
12-1:30: Lunchbreak with bazaar
1:30-3:30: “Tips & Tricks for Tasty Trios” – conducted by Jesse
Spice up your trios with some of our signature ATS® Movement Dialect. Learn how to bring musicality and variety to your standard ATS® trio formations with both slow and fast vocabulary, combinations, and concepts. Basic knowledge of ATS® vocabulary and formations is highly recommended.
4-6: “Let’s go Old School with FCBD®” – conducted by Colette
As a sequel from the past years lecture workshop, Colette is gonna introduce us to the forgotten treasures of the good old FCBD® times.
6:30-7:30: “Dancing in Flow®” conducted by Colette and Jesse – All Levels
All dance – No talk! Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a quiet water break every 15 min. This contemplative concept means: No verbal instruction, no formations, no worries! Your brain will finally decide to take a vacation to allow the body to enjoy moving. Bring zils and water. “Flow® is dancing in the divine subconscious” (Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman)

  • Hosted by: Freddie Kaz and Gabriella Keiner –
  • Location: Internationale Tae Kwon Do Sportschule Bernet, Rathausplatz 8, 85748 Garching Bei München, Bayern, Germany
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Northern Folk Tribal presents: Kae Montgomery (Stockholm, Sweden) September 13-16, 2018

Northern Folk Tribal presents: Kae Montgomery (Stockholm, Sweden)

September 13-16, 2018

Northern Folk Tribal is a new festival in Sweden aiming to bring Tribal dancers together to strengthen the community and support the dancers in their development.

Dancers Development Course (Burwell, Cambridgeshire, UK) September 21-23, 2018

Dancers Development Course (Burwell, Cambridgeshire, UK)

September 21-23, 2018

Our weekend offers a chance to study with amazing teachers in small groups with time for individual attention, we offer five workshops over the weekend, two evenings of entertainment with performances from our teachers and in our student showcase. There is lots of time to dance to live drumming in the evenings, too. We also have the wonderful souk Tribe Zuza who will assist with your tribal wardrobe over the weekend! Burwell house offers shared accommodation, amazing home made food which caters for all dietary needs, friendly staff and a warm homely atmosphere. You can choose to stay locally offsite if you would prefer solo accommodation. Our teachers will be Philippa Moirai, Angela Noble, and Samantha Hough, the workshops will be tailored to the wish list that our attendees share with us. We will also be running a beginners/improvers course alongside workshops for more advanced dancers so a fab intensive start to your dancing. Our weekend costs £295 which includes food, workshops, accommodation onsite and 2 evenings Entertainment. There are just 32 spaces available for the weekend to ensure that you have personal attention from our teachers, so to confirm you place we require a £60 non-refundable deposit and then payment is accepted in installments.

Black Forest Tribal Fest 2018 (Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany) September 27-30, 2018

Black Forest Tribal Fest 2018 (Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany)

September 27-30, 2018

Black Forest Tribal Fest No. 8 “Fairy Tales & Dreams” The legendary festival for Tribal Belly Dance, fusion, and world dance in the Black Forest! You’re welcome!

BLACK FOREST ATS® IMMERSION with DeAnna Padrón Freeman and Anita Lalwani! For the first time at BLACK FOREST TRIBAL FEST! 20 hours ATS® limited to 30 participants!

European Sister Studio ATS® #4 avec Freddie KAZ (Nice, France) October 6-7, 2018

European Sister Studio ATS® #4 avec Freddie KAZ (Nice, France)

October 6-7, 2018

Mark the date for Saturday and Sunday, October 6-7, 2018 for the 4th edition of Our “European Sister Studio.” Our guest is Freddie KAZ Sister Studio ATS® in Munich, Germany since 2012 and re-certified 3 times! Certified Technical for Teacher since 2017. infos here:
* 3 courses 100% ATS® all levels, intermediate, and advanced! Little surprise she will propose a training course Devi Mamak!
* 1 ATS® “Hairgarden” hairstyling workshop whose recipe will be entirely donated to support Megha GAVIN with cancer! Thank you, Freddie, for your generosity
* A Hafla party will be organized in Nice open stage!
* We will also be doing the WORLD FLASH MOB ATS all together around 3 pm on Saturday, October 6 in Nice!
A large tribal bazaar will also be on site with local designers.

Notez dans votre agenda le samedi 6 Et Dimanche 7 octobre 2018 pour la 4eme édition de Notre ” European Sister Studio” Notre invitée est Freddie KAZ Sister Studio ATS® à Munich en Allemagne depuis 2012 et re-certifée 3 fois! Certifiée Technique for Teacher depuis 2017. infos ici:
* 3 stages 100 % ATS® tout niveau, inter et avancé!
Petite surprise elle nous proposera un stage format Devi Mamak!
* 1 stage coiffure de reine ATS® “Hairgarden” dont la recette sera entièrement reversée pour la font de soutien à Megha GAVIN atteinte d’un cancer! Merci Freddie de ta générosité
* Une soirée Hafla sera organisée à Nice scène ouverte!
* Nous ferons aussi la FLASH MOB ATS MONDIALE toutes ensembles vers 15 h le samedi 6 octobre à Nice!
Un grand bazar tribal aussi sera sur place avec les créatrices locales.

Warsaw Tribal Dance Festival (Warsaw, Poland) October 12-15, 2018

Warsaw Tribal Dance Festival (Warsaw, Poland)

October 12-15, 2018

Guest stars:
Kelley Beeston, UK – FatChanceBellyDance® Advanced Teacher Training certified and a Tribal Pura International Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE) Instructor
Eva Sampedro, Spain – Tribal Fusion / Indian Fusion Style Instructor
Our Teacher/Residents: Yolanda and Asia Księżopolska

INSTRUCTION – you can easily follow sections you are interested in: Tribal Fusion or American Tribal Style®
Saturday Tribal Show / stars performances / free open stage

ATS® Workshops with Wendy and Sandi in Rome (Rome, Italy) October 13-14, 2018

ATS® Workshops with Wendy and Sandi in Rome (Rome, Italy)

October 13-14, 2018

Hello ATS® dancers! This is going to be a two-days Advanced Workshop led in tandem by FatChanceBellyDance®’s Instructor Emerita Wendy Allen and Instructor Emerita Sandi Ball, two of the very brightest stars in the ATS® Universe. In order to make this experience more affordable and concentrate the fun in a more compact module, this year we will skip the two hours of Fundamentals. This means that, even if this workshop is technically an open level, you are assumed to be well versed already in all the basics of the American Tribal Style®. All instruction will be given in English. Please note that no translation will be provided in order to maximize time.

Saturday 13 of October
12:00 Arrival and Registration
12:30-13:00 Short Warm Up specific for ATS® & Dancing in the Flow® with Erika dell’ Acqua
* The Devil Is in the Details: Teachers’ Choice
* Painting the Music
* Fleur-de-lis
16:00-16:30 – Browse the merchandise, grab a snack, put on a bindi and some flowers and refresh your lipstick, because we’re getting ready to dance all together!
16:30 – ATS® PARTY! We are going to open with a set danced by Wendy, Sandi, and me. Afterward we’ll all dance together! Feel free to discretely exit the Chorus whenever you feel like resting and watching or grab a drink. We’ll conclude this special party with yet another set with our two incredible teachers plus sidekick!

Sunday 14 of October
11:15 Arrival
11:30-12:00 Short Warm Up specific for ATS® & Dancing in the Flow® with Erika dell’ Acqua
* Arm Awareness
* The Devil Is in the Details: Spins & Turns
* Shaken or Stirred?
15:00-15:30 – Browse the merchandise, exchange numbers and email addresses with the new friends you made, or feel free to follow Erika’s Short Cool Down Stretching for ATS®

PRICING: the cost of the whole two days is 165 euro. You can choose to join for one day only. In that case the price will be 90 euro. You can book your spot by paying the whole amount either through PayPal (preferred) or with a Bank transfer. Send an email to: – and we’ll send you the info you need to book your spot, or we’ll put on the waiting list. After you make your payment please send me an email, so I can put you in the Participants list even if our bank has not registered the payment yet. It might take several days especially with international payments, and we don’t want you to lose your priority. PayPal is preferred for these reasons. Please remember to send me a line right after you do the payment.

Please note the following rules: The payment is not refundable. However, in the unfortunate case that you find out at a later date that you can’t come anymore, I will help you to resell your ticket to the next person in the waiting list if possible, or you can opt to pass it on to a dance sister or one of your students, making sure you warn me about it. Selling workshops spots with a price higher then the original is strictly forbidden.

Telephones should be switched off or at least silenced during workshops. No filming of the workshops is allowed, but you can take some photos if you’d like.

As you might already know, in all events I host, places are limited so that we can offer you the best possible quality of teaching. If you are interested in this precious opportunity of studying with Wendy Allen and Sandi Ball don’t wait too long to book if you don’t wish to end up on the waiting list and likely be left out of the event.

Please note that, while being an Open Level, this workshop is NOT for beginners. You must know and have consistently worked on all your basic moves.

You are kindly encouraged to follow this dress code: choli or dance top, a Full Skirt and Pantaloons or hose pants underneath. Please avoid coin belts and any noisy piece of garment. Don’t forget to bring your Zills and a notebook!

Zaghareeds to all of you ATS® lovers, and I hope to see you in the Fall! – Erika

Oasis Serendipity 2018 (Tavistock, Devon, UK) October 26-28, 2018

Oasis Serendipity 2018 (Tavistock, Devon, UK)

October 26-28, 2018

Celebrating 10 years of Kalash Tribal and “Oasis” ATS® workshops! A fabulous residential weekend of dancing, drumming and alternative workshops from Kelley Beeston (SSCE Instructor) and guest teachers – if you’re on the Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE) programme then our Oasis Serendipity weekend offers the opportunity to gain 9 of your 10 SSCE hours, how very serendipitous!

European Sister Studio ATS® SSCE #5 (Nice, France) May 18-19, 2019

European Sister Studio ATS® SSCE #5 (Nice, France)

May 18-19, 2019

The internships open for this weekend will be intermediate and open to dancers, ATS® dancers regularly practicing, but not only reserved for Sister Studio. The Sister Studios who want to validate their 9 hours of continuous training will have to make the request, and Kelley will issue them at the end of this weekend their certificate to hand in Carolena to complete with 1 hour of private lessons with her and validate their year. The detailed program of internships will be announced this summer 2018! Stay connected, we are working on it!! And you will have the choice to take 1, 2 stages, or the pack weekend! An evening Hafla open stage will be organized on Saturday night in Nice, too!

Les stages ouverts pour ce week end seront de niveau intermédiaire et ouvert aux danseuses, danseurs ATS® pratiquant régulièrement, mais pas uniquement réservés aux Sister Studio. Les Sister Studio qui veulent valider leurs 9 h de formation continus devront en faire la demande, et kelley leur délivrera à la fin de ce week end leur certificat à remettre à carolena pour compléter avec 1h de cours particulier avec elle et valider leur année. LE PROGRAMME détaillé des stages sera annoncé cet été 2018! restez connecté on travaille dessus!! et vous aurez le choix de prendre 1, 2 stages ou le pack week end! Un soirée Hafla scène ouverte sera organisé le samedi soir à Nice aussi!