ATS Workshops with Liz Malcolm (Columbia, South Carolina, USA) December 1-2, 2018

ATS Workshops with Liz Malcolm (Columbia, South Carolina, USA)

December 1-2, 2018

Join Liz Malcom, director of Dala Tribal, Assistant Director of Devyani Dance Company and SSCE Instructor, for this two-day workshop in Columbia, SC. Currently Liz is sharing the gift of ATS® and the remarkable community it fosters by teaching weekly classes in Birmingham, Alabama as an ATS® belly dance Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor (SSCE) and by lending her knowledge and skills to the position of assistant director of Dala Tribal (a local collective).

Saturday, December 1, 2018

10 AM-12 PM: The Magic Wand; Back to the Magical ATS® Roots

Carolena has given us a gift that accentuates the classic strength and beauty of women and dance. ATS® has become a worldwide phenomenon becoming stronger and stronger with an ever-growing family of steps. In this workshop we will look at the foundation of American Tribal Style that has gotten us to where we are today. Liz will focus on ATS® Classics steps, traditional music and the ATS® costume.
Intermediate level
Requirements: Finger cymbals, notebook, water, and a familiarity with steps on Volumes 1 and 4.

1-3 PM: The Rabbit from the Hat; Creating Modern Marvels in ATS®

One of the marvels of ATS® is the creative development of new steps empowered by the classic ATS core. Over time new steps, combinations, and formations have been adopted into the ATS® format to form the Modern family and dialect. In this workshop, Liz will focus on the development process, how these steps were adapted and what makes them successful, guiding you on your own magical journey.
Intermediate to Advanced Levels
Requirements: Finger cymbals, notebook, water, and a familiarity with Volumes 7 and 9.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

10 AM-12 PM: The Linking Rings; Magical Circles in ATS®

One of the most beautiful experiences in ATS® is dancing in the circle. Circles feel complete and unified and represent notions of infinity and togetherness, so why do we get out of it so fast? Let’s explore being in it, let it link us, really feeling its wholeness and magic while we dance.
Intermediate to Advanced Level
Requirements: Finger cymbals, notebook, water, and a familiarity with steps from Volumes 4, 7 and 9.

1-3 PM: Abracadabra; Lights, Music, Magic!

Now that you know the Classic and Modern ATS® steps, let’s bring the full package to the stage for an amazing display of ATS® Magic! Improv dancing is an exciting way of communicating in the flow, but for a stage show you might want to plan with a bit more detail. Planning a set with creativity by choosing formations and steps that accentuate the music excites the energy of the group working together!
Intermediate to Advanced Level
Requirements: Familiarity with ATS steps on Volumes 1, 4, 7 and 9.
Bring pantaloons, skirt, choli, coin bra, finger cymbals and jewelry. If you don’t have these elements of costuming, please borrow them.


In 1995, Liz began her journey into belly dance on a whim by walking into a class with a friend. The empowering spirit of the dance and fellowship hooked her immediately and it wasn’t long before she co-founded a Middle Eastern dance company with fellow dance sisters. Zivah Saphirah specialized in studying and performing Egyptian cabaret and folkloric dances.

Liz loved the way she felt when she danced, but found self-confidence a constant challenge. Upon discovering American Tribal Style (ATS)® she was drawn to the strong and powerful aesthetic of the format, but there were no classes available in the city. Not to be thwarted, Liz spent several years studying all the ATS® videos and materials she could get her hands on. In 1999 Liz’s prayers were answered when Megha returned to Birmingham. Liz began studying with Megha and her love for the dance blossomed. Her experience leading a dance company and dedication to ATS® led to an invitation to join Devyani Dance Company in 2004. Since then, she has had the pleasure of teaching and performing ATS® throughout the United States and internationally.

Through the dance Liz found a conduit for self-confidence and she set out to share it with as many people as she could. She received her American Tribal Style® General Skills and Teacher Certification in April 2007 followed by her Teacher Training 2 (TT2) Certification in 2009. She was honored to of completed into the first Advanced Teacher Training in San Francisco and completed the two-week intensive in June 2015.