Ghawazi WorldWide (Maputo, Mozambique) October 6-8, 2017

Ghawazi WorldWide (Maputo, Mozambique)

October 6-8, 2017

This is an event that is part of project called GO HATTRICK®. GO HATTRICK® brings to the public performances and workshops of Oriental Dance in its true essence and different ramifications, to show what this art has of charm in a form of Ghawazi WorldWide. This year it will be with great honor that Ghawazi Worldwide will host the gorgeous, unique, wonderful and so talented Violet Scrap for a magnifier weekend of 15 hours of workshops and of course a beautiful show. We are talking about training, lecture, drills, combos, choreography, technique, all the tools to be a great dancer. Cost for the whole 15 hours of instruction is USD 100.

Ghawazi WorldWide, started in beginning of 2016 with the name of Ghawazi. At that time only counted with participation of local teachers of Mozambique. Then, later in that same year changed to Ghawazi WorldWide because the concept evolved and instead of just participation of local teachers it started to bring international teaches aswell. Besides performances, workshops were included aswell. Other significant change is that this event will only occur once a year and exclusively in Mozambique. Teachers and students from the southern Africa will have the opportunity to interact with teachers and students from Europe and America without having to travel abroad. Our goal is to create a Tribal Fusion & Bellydance platform In Southern Africa to help students and teachers in Africa to have access to other teachers from around the world.

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